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Full Days of Family Fun

We are happy to offer days which include all, or any, of the following:

Circus Workshops featuring: 
Stilt walking,
Hula hoop,
Plate spinning,
Devil stick and more.


Wandering Entertainment  featuring:
Stilt walking,
Circus skills,
Close up magic and more.


Street and arena shows featuring:
Circus skills,

Audience participation,


Magic and more

Workshops & More

We have well qualified and experienced

workshop leaders offering formal or informal workshops in:

Circus skills,

Theater and presentation skills,

Improvisation and more


We are performers not salesmen so please feel free to contact us for a free and friendly discussion about your entertainment requirements.

The Piccadilly Circus co Stilt Walkers
Performance & Shows

The Piccadilly Circus co. have over two decades of experience in providing:

Street shows,


Theater Shows,

Touring productions and more.


Thank you for your interest.
Please feel free to contact us

About The Piccadilly Circus co. 


The Piccadilly Circus Co Arena Shows

I had been happily enjoying the freedom and rewards of street performing in London for almost four years when I eventually agreed to one of the vast number of commercial offers which seemed to be proffered daily. The booking was for a charity ball to be held at one of the capital’s top, west end, hotels. The flood gates opened and I was swept away. Within weeks The Piccadilly Circus Co. came of age.

Since those early days many adventures and endless performances have delighted, provoked and enchanted us, and hundreds of audiences. By the mid 90s I had been joined by many of London’s top variety, corporate and street artist. Together we were the unknown face behind a great many high profile events and productions. With the support of a plethora of outside agencies and companies we anonymously provided ideas, themes, props and, above all, performers for theatre, TV, film, stage and festivals throughout the UK and beyond.

This is, of cause, only a small part of an epic tale that continues, in a rather more modest way, up until today. My family, friends and I can still be found entertaining local audiences and supporting performers and performances from our new homes in Cornwall and British Columbia to, well, just about anywhere. Everything we do is still done with the same spirit of love and enthusiasm."

Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to read this.



Ralph Leslie

The Piccadilly Circus co was really founded during the 1970s when I, and a small bunch of Street performers, began touring the UK in a long succession of old vans and buses. Our days back then were filled with tall unicycles, stilts, juggling props and bags of open hearted enthusiasm.

By the late 70s we had established a pattern of summer and Christmas tours. It was on one such venture that we found ourselves booked by Guardian Royal Exchange Properties to play a Convent Garden festival. I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to stay and soon found myself performing daily at London’s most famous street venue. I didn’t realise at the time that this would be the launching pad for a whole new career.

Ralph Leslie of The Piccadilly Circis co. Unicycle Covent Garden 1978
Ralph Leslie The Piccadilly Circus co. Ballancing wine glasses and juggling 1998

Covent Garden circa 1978

Cabaret London circa 1998

 The Piccadilly Circus co. Special Skills Casting. 

The piccadilly Circus co. Skills casting for The BBC


We have a long and proud history of special skills casting over recent decades. We have provided elite skills performers for TV, film, stage, festivals and corporate venues and other casting agents. The images here are from Peter Akroyd’s  London a BBC2 production, we supplied Jugglers, slack rope walkers, contortionists and acrobats for this drama documentary which was later syndicated to UK TV History.  

 The Piccadilly Circus co. back in1982 


Way back in time, 1982 to be precise, I made the transition from actor and Covent Garden street performer to seasoned cabaret performer. The first formal cabaret show took place way up in the mountains of The Falkland Islands. It was part of a tour of military bases resulting from the conflict. By tradition all visiting performers were treated as honorary officers so everywhere we went for those weeks friendly strangers were obliged to salute this eclectic bunch of itinerant show-people, one of which looked suspiciously like a hippy peace protester – very strange. As a life long pacifist and peace seeker, this was an odd form of show biz baptism.


The first show took place in a makeshift space which seemed to have been made by joining together metal shipping containers, it’s principle drawback being the obvious lack of ceiling height. Outside the view was little more than bare rock and occasional mobs of penguins. The cast members, dancers and band had all been met with reassuring enthusiasm most of which was reserved, strangely enough, for the three beautiful, young dancers.

The Piccadilly Circus co. at The RSA London

By this time in my life I had been street performing for a couple of years as well as acting and dancing since the age of 15 – even so, the prospect of tackling this first real cabaret show somehow filled me with a knee trembling sense of fear.

I have never been one for collecting or saving memorability such as photographs or videos so I have very few reminders of my performing past. This VHS video tape ( yes, really – there were such things back then) arrived in the post some week after my return from the tour. It was filmed by an anonymous member of the audience who very kindly found a way of sending it on to me and the cast members.

This is a shambolic first attempt at a cabaret show but it instilled in me the determination to do more. I have since lost count of the many shows which followed and many new skills explored and exploited.


Thanks to Mum for keeping the tape safe until now.

© Copyright The Piccadilly Circus Co.  2015

We are proud to have worked for Britain's Best

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