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Nat Nathan aka. Ralph Leslie.


First studied photography and Fine Art at Southend School of Art and Design in the 1970s.  Much later, in the 1990s he completed a BA Hons  in Graphic Design at The University of Falmouth. Now based in Redruth, Cornwall  and Qualicum Beach, British Columbia where the majority of his photographs are shot. Nat has amassed a large, comprehensive portfolio of  full resolution wildlife images. The examples displayed on this site  represent only a very small proportion of the total.

 I would like to welcome you to my site

"I hope that you enjoy your visit. Please feel free to contact me with requests, comments or professional requirements. "

© Nat Nathan Photography
Butterly - wildlife in cornwall Illogan

In search of true beauty

"There are those who exclusively peruse the rare but to me every living thing is precious and beautiful. I'm always aiming to combine, subject, atmosphere, composition and detail , when it works there is no greater magic."


Green Parakeets creating a stir in Illogan Churchyard
I am a regular visitor to The War Graves Cemetery and churchyard in Illogan (link in the footer of this page). For some time locals, staff and visitors have spotted, or more often heard, this magnificent, but seemingly out of place bird.  There are a wealth of articles and theories about these parakeets that have been happily living and breeding in London and the south-east for over a decade. In these troubled times, and with the threat of extinction hanging over much of our indigenous wildlife, an addition to the natural sights and sounds of Cornwall may be welcome but will there be consequences for our dwindling native birdlife?



Sharing the love of wildlife

If you are a fellow wildlife photographer, or keen wildlife lover, and would like to know about where in Cornwall  you can watch and photograph without undue intrusion, please feel free to message me. I am always happy to share and learn.

Contact Nat at wildlife -Cornwall


Animal lovers control their pets - Please don't be offended - be thoughtful!

I spend many hours of my life most days emersed in Cornwall's numerous stunning natural habitats, many of which are recognized and officially protected environments. I am always vexed and deeply troubled, when I encounter seemingly happy, usually friendly, dog walkers. Dogs, all of which have been genetically modified by years of selective breeding, severely disrupt even destroy the breeding sites of ground nesting birds and small mammals they also prevent tidal-feeding birds from reaching their only source of food. Most of these, otherwise caring, people seem to be blissfully unaware of the havoc, and devastation their pets cause. "Oh well my little precious would never do that"  - yes they would - they all do.

Domestic cats kill indigenous wildlife in staggering numbers (up to 275 million every year). If you own a cat and allow it to roam anywhere you are not an animal lover you are an animal killer. "Oh! But my cat doesn't do that" - yes it does! - they all do.

"A recent study titled Cats and Wildlife reveals how many birds are killed in the UK by our domestic cats alone (not including the feral cats in our country). Currently, the estimates stand at 55million birds are killed by cats each year and a total of approximately 275million animals are killed overall each year."

(, 2020, Uk)



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